world ant-corruption day

today december 9 is international ant corruption day International Anti-Corruption Day is meant to raise awareness of the corruption that exists in governments and societies all over the globe and at both national and local levels. It draws attention to the negative effects that corruption in all its forms has on human society and wellbeing.Continue reading “world ant-corruption day”

hope envoy organisation

Hope Envoy organisations is non government,non political,non religious and non profit organisation established to help feed and provide basic necessities to improvished people of Tanzania.Please click the link down ⬇️ to join our Hope Humanity community. “What we do makes a difference” 😇


To provide basic necessities and other important needs to improvished people of Tanzania.


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About Me

Hi, i am laurent the founder of hope envoy organisation. i am a digatal market consultant and am here to gather people to unite and help feed and provide basic needs to improvished people of Tanzania.

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